Friday, August 11, 2017

We Heart Greg

One of the few real and comfortable conversations that I had with my older brother, Dave, was a handful of months ago and it was about Greg Louganis. Dave is an incredible guy, but we don't seem to have an ease when we are together. I guess I still feel like a loser and that I have to not be too silly or weird or talk about odd topics and scare him away.

Our convo that day began at his house, with Dave mentioning seeing a great documentary on Greg and how he developed a newfound respect for him. I talked about how Michael Fassbender had imitated Greg's calm and focused walk to the end of a diving board and used it for his character in Prometheus. It was not any kind of mind blowing conversation that changed our lives forever, but it was the first and only time I ever felt equal to Dave; that I felt he was genuinely interested in what I was saying. It is without question one of my fondest memories.

Today on IG, I saw this post from @the_aids_memorial page that I follow and shared it with Dave, since I now think of my brother when I see Greg Louganis and therefore feel all sorts of gleeful happiness.

(It reads: #OnThisDay Aug 11, 1987, @greglouganis presented #RyanWhite the gold medal he won in the three-meter springboard at the #PanAmericaGames.)

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