Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Ladies Have Returned!

Thank goodness. Season three is as good as one and two and seeing these gals together just puts a smile on my face. And this season I really like seeing the former hubbies, Robert & Sol, who are now well, actual hubbies to each other, is actually endearing. The last two seasons I felt like they were in the way and didn't care for their side-stories. This time though, I think everything is melding together beautifully. Fingers crossed that they bring us all a season four!!

(photo kidnapped from hofmag)

Friday, March 24, 2017

Very British Problems

I so enjoyed this series on Netflix (what would I do without my subscription to the 'flix?) and if it weren't for my accent, heritage, and over-friendliness which is merely to compensate for my American shyness, I could so be a Brit. I don't like chatting on airlines, social occasions, meeting my friend's friends, odd situations that should be silent but where people force small talk (gyno, dentist, etc.), having to poopod at other people's homes, the annoyance of tipping and when to tip and how much, haggling the price of something, texting do's and don'ts, and especially the rudeness. When Stephen Mangan said that he would rather eat a plate of cold sick than complain to a waiter I raised my hand and said "Yup - ditto, man!" If I'm unhappy with the service or food at a restaurant, I will smile and say it's fabulous, over-tip and then get my revenge, silently, mind you, by never going back. As if that is gonna shut that business down instantly; that they would crumb into oblivion because their pizza is utter shit in the opinion of one random weirdo girl from the poor side of town.

(photo kidnapped from verybritishproblems)

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Bailey & Piggs

When I was purging a few years back and parting with some of my fave stuffed pals, I gave Ashlee my adorable lil' piggy so she could pass it along to her unborn babe. This pic from Ash makes me all warm and gooey knowing that Piggs is finally getting the love and attention that his cute lil' piggy-self deserves. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Positano Pal

Yesterday I messaged David on What's App to remind him that one year ago I sat on a bench under a concrete alcove in a small Italian fishing village and waited for him to come bounding up a hundred and one steps to greet me with a brilliant smile. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Return of Poldark

Poldark's second series is nearly as good as the first, although George Warleggan has become a truly tiresome villain. I am just so completely over him. And Poldark needs to let go of his childhood adoration of Elizabeth. It's rather droll at this point. But man, oh man, didn't that useless sod Francis redeem himself? About damn time, if you ask me. Oh, and Dr. Dwight Enys is suddenly sort of fabulous. Never paid him much mind in the last season, but this go around he caught my eye. I still have four more episodes to go...hopefully Elizabeth steers clear of George - wait, I take that back. I hope she marries that cad because she deserves a life of misery if she falls for his false charms. Especially after all the times, during her marriage no less, that he suggested that she consider a friendship with him. He's just gross and she's an annoying wimp. Anyway, rant finished. So to continue, I am crossing fingers that Ross realises what an ass he is by clinging to a long ago love affair and that Dwight and Caroline live happily ever after, albeit in poverty since Dwight makes a rather poor living, but may they remain rich in love! Okay, that was sickeningly sweet, even for me, but whatevs, it's the truth.

(Post script - two episodes left and I am already sick to the back teeth of this series. It feels like they are just regurgitating the same plot over and over.  To think that just a handful of days ago I actually really liked this show. Ugh.)

Monday, March 20, 2017


Last night at Bishop and Pax's I caught the third ep of Feud - Bette & Joan and holy cannoli, I was blown away. A simply stunning series, full stop. From the remarkable cast who all seem to transform into look-a-like versions of the real thing, to the wardrobe and set design, both of which are rich and sumptuous, to the writing and direction. I so appreciate the creation of a series that allows so many women in the industry to prove that we as a gender are never irrelevant, regardless of age. I can't wait til it's over and out on DVD so that I can watch every episode in a row. What an outstanding and refreshing concept for a new series.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Girl Time

Miss Sydney Elizabeth is my niece that, until today, scared me the most. She's the perfect girl - smart, strikingly beautiful, strong-willed, funny, feisty, sweet and sassy in equal measures, and confidence for days. I'm the opposite and always fear that Syd, the popular girl, will think I'm a huge dork (which I proudly am!!) and want nothing to do with me. We get along swimmingly during family get-togethers but I struggle with the one on one. Today we had no distractions - no music in the car and no one but us - and the conversation was easy and nonstop. I've always loved this lady, but now I think we have truly become great mates.