Thursday, May 24, 2018


My new favourite app is helping me learn Spanish! It's wee lil' baby steps, but I do feel like I'm making progress. The cartoon characters are all super diverse and include a handful of familiar faces...

Look! It's Murtaugh and Riggs from Lethal Weapon:
Well, hello there, Billy Shakes...

Handsome 1970s marathon runners:

Steve Irwin!!

Sexy spinster cat-lady:

Cute hipster couple:

Fran Fine??

Snazzy librarian:

Tough prep school kid:

Late 80s mullet-headed metal dudes:

Punk-rock lesbian couple: 

Kid 'n Play as young'uns: 

Classy Indian gal with early 90s side-ponytail:

Adorable oso that wants you to know that he eats fish.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Christopher Roule

I was flipping through an old journal and came across the clipping for Christopher Roule's rings. I absolutely loved them and always wished that one day I would have one. Sadly, I don't think he makes them anymore, but they sure were fabulous.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

In the Catskills

(pic kidnapped from @timeouthomes IG page - photo by Ryan Resatka - @ryanresatka on IG)

Monday, May 21, 2018

Back for Sale Items!!

For some reason Fishs Eddy's website is more expensive than the items purchased in house. Kinda disappointing, but regardless, I scored some fab little treats yesterday and took more pix of my favourite shop in all of New York.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Link Link Circus

Earlier today Kim and I went to New York to see Isabella Rossellini's latest monologue, Link Link Circus. It was really good and had me laughing out loud, when I wasn't suppressing "awwwwws" at her adorable pupper, Peter Pan - Pan for short.

After the show, we took straight to the basement to use the loo and leisurely wandered back upstairs. When I reached eye level with the floor I saw lil' Pan and then I saw her owner, Ms. Isabella Rossellini. She was chatting with producers and family members of the people that assisted with the production. I was not going to approach her, but rather stayed back just to watch her and think, "Wow, that is Isabella Rossellini. Cinema royalty." Kim wanted a photo with her or a selfie. I refused. I wasn't going to ask for a photo and I wasn't going to pose for one or take one. It just felt like it would have been an invasion of privacy. (Crikey, I didn't even take a pic of Pan, and I kinda wanted to...) I would rather not have a photo of someone than get a picture but be made to feel super awkward; as if I was putting them out or annoying them. It's like asking for an autograph. I just don't like it. I much prefer the memory of meeting celebrities such as Noel Gallagher and Dan Aykroyd and Bruce Campbell more than having a photo taken with them or an autograph. I like that I spoke with them and had a real (albeit brief) human interaction. Is it fun to do a brag-post on Instagram so everyone can get all excited? Heck yeah. But not for the price of even a little humiliation. Kim did say "Thank you for a great show" as Ms. Rossellini walked past, and she smiled, said "thank you" then "ciao" as she left. It doesn't technically count as meeting her, but she did speak to Kim and smile at me, so that was enough. That was cool. And she is truly even more breathtaking in person, if you can believe it.

(lovely photo of Ms. Rossellini © Brigitte Lacombe - kidnapped from visiteursdusoir)

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Friday, May 18, 2018

Actors on Actors

I've watched several episodes of this series on YouTube and the only one that I truly enjoyed was Bryan Cranston and Jason Segel. The other ones were either boring (as in the actors themselves were immensely dull) or the actors came across as pretentious and self-absorbed or worse yet, spent most of their time smooching eachother's bums and going on and on about how amazing the other actor is, to the point where I had to stop watching most of them. The discussion between Cranston and Segel felt like a genuine conversation about their work and was engrossing.

When Segel spoke about David Foster Wallace (who he portrayed in the film The End of the Tour), specifically Wallace's book Infinite Jest and a character that had jumped out of a burning building. Segel said of this, you cannot take for granted that the thing you're trying to escape is worse than death. I thought that was so perfectly put. He went on to speak of another character in the book: a woman goes into the hospital after a failed suicide attempt and the doctor says, "why did you want to hurt yourself" and she laughs at him and says, "you'll never be able to help me if you think I was trying to hurt myself I was trying to stop the pain."

I used to think how terrible it was that I've spent so long contemplating putting an end to my life, how against nature it is to plot out my murder when it is I who is supposed to love me the most; the one that's supposed to protect me and care for me more than anyone. Recently I realised that ending my life would actually be the kindest thing I could ever do for myself because I would finally be free from disappointment and failure. I would finally feel nothing at all, which must be better than the depths of misery I have felt and still occasionally feel today. I just finished uploading Wallace's The Broom of the System on audiobook and hope to listen to it next week. More on DFW in future posts!