Sunday, August 6, 2017

Hittin' the Beet Again

This afternoon I met Wayne at Heart Beet for lunch and wound up staying til after the place closed down. That's some excellent conversing when three hours go by and you are totally oblivious that youse are the only ones there and that they closed ten minutes ago. No one brings the laughs quite like Wayne and we had, as always, a blast.

Summer equals sunflowers!

Mmmm.....Coconut Cupcake....not as good as the Key Lime ones, but they still hit the proverbial spot.

Today's soup was Coconut Lentil with Cilantro. Oh holy Jesus. It was simply heavenly. 

And because I'm a pig, I also got my fave, the Coconut BLT. It is always satisfying. I nearly OD'd on coconut today, which is completely fine by me.

Look! They even offer a cute lil' alley way with outdoor seating in warm weather.

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