Thursday, March 31, 2016

Heading to Antwerp

It took forever, but I finally arrived at Michel's apartment at about 5:30pm. Hans greeted me and handed over the keys since Michel was at work, but what a welcome it was! Hans could not have been sweeter and gave me three great big hugs, all of which I desperately needed. Then I unpacked, did a ton of laundry and watched, you guessed it, Animal Planet! It was spectacular. I seriously feel like Michel's place is my second home.

Here I am on the bus from Liège airport to Brussels Central Train Station which will then take me to Antwerp!

And here's Michel's place, with a few minor modifications...

Dig the fancy schmancy new see-thru door! 

New TV!

This time around I'm staying in "Ashlee's" bed. (post script - best decision EVER!)
Michel still has all my Philly photos stuck to his microwave. He's so sweet.

And of course, my stunning view from the balcony.

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