Monday, March 21, 2016

Casa Giovanna

I made it!! This adventure began with a three hour delay in Philly, then a nine plus hour flight to Rome, followed by a train from the airport to the train station where I caught another train to Naples to wait for my hired car that delivered me (finally) to Positano by 5pm!! David met me at the top of at least 150 steps and like the beautiful gentleman he is, he hoisted my near 50 lb bag (I stuffed ALL of my carry-on crap in the suitcase as soon as I landed.) up onto his shoulder and hauled it to the apartment without even losing his breath. What a champ. He showed me around and told me several times to contact him at any hour for any reason; that he lives right downstairs and is happy to answer any questions.

I am here. I am back in Positano, looking out at the sea that brings such solace and I wish to never, ever leave. Casa Giovanna is an absolute dream and I am so very happy.

Here's my room!!

And this is the gorgeous view from my bedroom's porthole window. 

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