Friday, March 4, 2016

Miss Renee!

So a month or so ago I took a call at work from someone in our St. Louis office. She was a crazy-super-sweet gal named Renee and we hit it off immediately and have since been emailing and texting and mailing things to eachother. I sent her a Christmas card, she sent me one, I added her to my list of postcard recipients and she loves getting mail from around the globe from me. I even sent her a mix cd of some of my faves and the morning that I mailed it I received this in the afternoon:

It's my new pencil holder for my desk at the office in Philly! Totally snazzes up the joint, if you ask me. I have her St. Patrick's Day and Easter cards filled out, stickered, stamped, and ready to roll when the dates are closer and I may need to send another wee lil' care package her way. Just cuz that's how true besties operate. With insane amounts of love for no reason at all.

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