Friday, April 1, 2016

March Movies

Miracle - I love me some 1970s lookin' Kurt Russell, that's for damn sure. Plus this was one of those feel-good Disney films that I couldn't help but totally love. Hadn't seen it in at least ten years and it was just as good the second time around.

Pillow Talk - Such a fun film, and clearly the best of the Hudson-Day films. Really just beautiful to look at and very silly.
Match - Patrick Stewart was really phenomenal in this film. It was a bit of a strange and unusual plotline, but I liked it and the acting was top notch.

Austin to Boston - Mentioned this film briefly here but seriously, such a solid documentary. Sensational music and what a cool, down to earth group of people.

One Day in September - This was a documentary about the Olympic hostages held in Munich. What a colossal fuck-up on the part of the German government.

Cowspiracy - If I wasn't a vegan already, this film would have pushed me to it. It is unbelievable what greed creates, and it rarely creates anything positive or good. An excellent documentary.

India's Daughter - I couldn't get through this one. I can only sit and listen to a rapist blame the female so many times before I'm enraged to the point where I want to strangle someone. Some men don't deserve to be in the presence of a female. Ever. So I turned it off and put on a rerun of The Rockford Files to feel better.

Gerhard Richter Painting - I loved the moments of watching Richter create his works, but on a whole, I thought the film was a bit of a drag.

A Brave Heart - The Lizzie Velasquez Story - I was over the moon when I saw that this was recently released on DVD. It was so good and Lizzie seriously seems like the ideal BFF.

Pawn Sacrifice - I get that Bobby Fischer's insane and irritating behaviour stems from an obvious mental illness, but that doesn't mean I feel any sense of obligation to watch the full movie based on his life. Tobey Maguire as Fischer was so obnoxious and annoying that I stopped it halfway through.

Twinsters - Proof that the internet can bring good things to life! I clearly love me a good documentary, and this one, based on the story of twins separated from birth and finding eachother by chance online, was superb.

Hairspray - I watched this with the commentary from John Waters and Ricki Lake and I am telling you, John Waters could not be any funnier. He is just the cat's meow. Just love that man.

Jaws - Watching this movie always gets me psyched for summer!

Matt Sheppard Is A Friend of Mine - "She's watching another documentary?!" Damn right I am. This was a lovely glimpse into the life of someone that really and truly changed the face of the overwhelming hatred directed at the gay community. His death was despicable and not just tragic, but sad. Really sad. I truly believe that many parents who may not have been accepting of their gay children saw the brutality of Matthew Sheppard's murder laid out in the headlines and hopefully became more supportive, loving, and understanding toward their child. Let something good come out of something so utterly dreadful.

The Tingler - John Waters mentioned this film and I went in to it thinking it was going to be dull and way, way campy but honestly, it was awesome! Scary and interesting and yes, campy at times. The scene where the wife dies and the husband is virtually expressionless had me cracking up. He was looking at her corpse like he's deciding which loaf of bread to buy. "Multigrain....whole wheat....Wonder White..." I thought it was a fabulous film.

Bill Cunningham New York

The Zen of Bennett

The Saint - I just love, love, love Elisabeth Shue. She's so effortless and believable in every role and her performance in this film was one of her best. I had seen The Saint ages ago and it's not fantastic, but it does have some decent moments. That scene when Elisabeth runs to the embassy screaming for them to open the gates always, always makes me all teary-eyed. It's so weird; I don't know why it makes me so emotional.

Being Ginger - An interesting documentary, even though in the very beginning the filmmaker irked me. He mentioned only wanting to interview "pretty women" and ask their opinion of redhaired men. At that point I actually said, "What a shallow c-word." out loud. Like, how are you making a documentary about how cruelly you were treated for the colour of your hair and how you have so little self-confidence but then can turn around and be like, "Eh, I hate other redheads and I only like pretty girls." I was seriously hoping to see him still single by the end of the film. (As for myself, I quite like gingers and thought the filmmaker was handsome until he made that comment. Being Ginger did make me ask all my female friends if they would ever date a redhead dude and all but one said "Sure. Why not?" - Kristin at the office said no. She's a strawberry blonde and said she wouldn't date a fellow redhead in case people thought they were related. Which is silly, but valid.)

Jodowrosky's Dune

Atonement - Anne mentioned this movie and how she really liked it and bawled her eyes out. I didn't weep, but it was absolutely one of those classic Brit flicks that pulls at your heart strings and never lets up.

The Benefactor - Eh. Not great. I liked seeing Philadelphia but not enough to bother finishing this boring movie. Sorry, Richard, baby. I just couldn't stand your character. He was way too over the top and all over the place.

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