Friday, March 18, 2016

Salento y Cocora

June 29, 2013

Up at 6:30ish - me, Marina & Mateo to the market for food, snacks, & coffee! (Marina has her entire order set to be delivered to the apartment later) - walk back - chill - try to take a shower (it's just a spigot with no shower head and the water was so ice cold that it literally took my breath away - worse shower experience ever) - take a taxi to the bus stop - bus to Salento - walk around - eat fried plantains with queso and salsa (delish!) - take a Jeep to Cocora and see the Andes from way up - so much fun!!

bus ride back to Armenia - not so good - a truck fell over the side (of the mountain) and the driver died, thus causing the road to be blocked for 1.5 hours - Baby (me) was NOT happy (I threw a bit of a moody bc I really had to peepod and they had no idea how long it would be til they let us pass - I tried to get out and walk the rest of the way with Marina telling the police that we needed to get by on foot immediately bc the baby (Mateo, the real one, not me) needed medicine - it was a no-go - there wasn't even a spot on the side of the road for me to bust a squat and peepod - I was miserable - but the three of us stood next to the bus and had a smoke and eventually they let us through and all was right in my world...I do feel bad in retrospect for not being more compassionate about the driver. I can be so cold-hearted and self-centered sometimes.) - we got to Armenia and I was fine (no peeing of the pants, thank god!) - FaceTimed with Mum out on the balcony - me and Marina to the cinema to see Guerra Mundial Z in Spanish (without English subtitles which was fine by me - it was a zombie flick, I pretty much figured the plot out in the first two minutes) - Marina talked thru the whole thing (like in her normal speaking voice, not in a whisper - fifteen minutes of this and finally I turned to her and said, "Are you black now? Why the fuck are you talking during the movie?!") - at one point she turned to me to say something or explain what was happening (which I didn't need her to do) but said it in Spanish (I whispered back "No habla Español." - BTW - Brad Pitt? not believable as a father 

stopped at the market in the mall (attached to the cinema) for chocolates and pens - I'm so weird - run into Marina's pal Joanne from school - so beautiful! and very sweet. - back to the apartment - smoke on the balcony and to bed by 10:30pm. Whew!

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