Sunday, March 13, 2016

Things to See in Rome

I will only be in Rome for three terrifying days and luckily, I am keeping it low-key. I have no plans to wait in long lines for the Vatican or to visit the Colosseum, but I will be hoofing it around the ancient city, dodging pickpockets and gypsies while I snap some photos and just take it all in. So far, these are my must-sees:

· Bocca della Verità - knowing my luck there will be scores of people blocking it and perhaps even (gulp) a line...but maybe I'll get lucky!

· The Trevi Fountain - I really can't wait to see this in person and truthfully, I'm looking forward to seeing loads of people there and getting swept up in everyone's emotions as they see the fountain.

· The Borghese Gallery in the hopes of seeing a Bernini or two; that would be divine...

· Piazza Navona because it's there and I am a tourist, after all.

· Santa Maria della Vittoria to see more Bernini!

· The Colosseum - it will be a mere 500 feet from where I am staying, so I will at least get to catch a glimpse of it when out strolling around.

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