Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hello 2015!!

I never used to set goals for each new year, but I'm going to for 2015. Here they be:

-stay faithful and remain 100% vegan
-no purchasing items made in China
-let go of my anger (or at least try like hell to let go!)
-meditate and chant more often
-read at least six grown up books
-focus more on Buddhist practices and becoming a better person
-stop going for the cheap and easy joke ("Have you seen so and so?? Ew. I seen better teeth on a troll guarding a bridge." I wanna be happy and spread happiness, not nasty quips. As Morrissey sang, It takes strength to be gentle and kind...)
-keep exercising every day
-fit into that super sassy hot pink and black polka dotted rockabilly dress!!
-be nicer to Jackson, who is often very, very mean to me, and accept him as a treasure that was sent to test me (i think honestly, it's easier to completely avoid seeing him than be nice to him when he's nasty. this one is gonna be really, really tough.)
-see more of my nieces and nephews
-try to not spend so much money. I need to stop wanting to possess things that hold no value. Moments, memories, and people are more valuable than owning yet another book that will sit like a trophy on a shelf that no one sees.
-see everything possible in Antwerp in March and don't hide in Michel's flat in fear - corragio!!!
-learn how to cook something. Even if it's only quinoa. Enlist Bishop, Mum, Anne, and Marina to help.
-think long and hard about the Camino and work towards it
-practice Spanish!!! I want to not be embarrassed to speak to the guys at the market, the sweet janitor at the office, and to primo Mario. Even if I mispronounce a word, I want to keep going and not feel like a failure because I don't instantly know an entire language. I need to cut myself some damn slack and go with the proverbial flow!
-work toward getting out of debt
-let go of needing to drive that super cute Mini Cooper, even though I would look even more adorable behind the wheel of one of those beauties. Maybe get a fun little hoopdee with decent A/C that is good on gas and looks like a high school student's first car. Accept what happens with blissful peace and be happy with whatever the outcome will be.
-smoke less. I already only smoke about a half a pack a week, but I aspire to smoke only a few cigarettes a year.
-donate lots more!! Books, clothes, anything - release the desire to possess and let go of the things that I do not need, but someone else might.
-oh my gosh ---> eat better!! Lots more veggies and then more veggies after that!
-behave in a peaceful manner
-write more, lots, lots more!!
-work towards seriously getting at least one of my children's books published. Unleash lil' Héctor on the world!!

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