Saturday, January 10, 2015

What I Love Right Now

-the start of a new year!
-John Waters' hilarious book Crackpot
-warm blankets on cold, cold nights
-waking up and realising that it's super early and I still have hours to stay in bed
-So Delicious coconut milk cool whip with strawberries
-hot soup in a big mug warming up my cold hands
-Downton Abbey returns with new eps!!
-trip to NYC with Bishop and Pax on the 24th
-weekend plans: Saturday lunch with Nicole followed by dinner with Ashlee then Sunday lunch with m'godmommy!
-seeing Jackson for the first time this year and we actually got along really well (fingers crossed that it continues)
-my Spanish is improving!! I'm currently addicted to my Mindsnacks Spanish app. I find myself speaking two languages at once and following words in English with their Spanish counterparts. Like when I wished Cecilia a "happy bday/feliz cumpleaños!" or in talking to myself said, "I need a glass/vaso of water/agua real bad/muy mal." Good thing no one else heard me say that because it sounded like I was having a seizure.
-having Xavier work on my brakes and rotors and the cost going from close to 800 bucks at the dealership to only $75 for parts. Labor will cost me a hand massage, back massage, chocolate chip cookies, and pumpkin cupcakes with vanilla icing. A bargain, for sure!
-paying down my bills and not spending like I used to - maybe I've finally got this under control
-the price of gas being $1.99!!! A dollar ninety-nine!?! Can you believe it?? Now if only the price of petrol for airfare would decrease as well...I have a ticket to Belgium to purchase!
-re-watching season three of Modern Family. I just love Phil and Jay. So, so funny!!
-going back to Antwerp once more in just 67 days
-so far I have no plans for February and I am so keeping it that way! January has been jam-packed and Baby needs some alone time to straighten out her house and get back on track with diet and exercise.
-the American film version of Loft (titled The Loft) is FINALLY going to be released later this month. The 23rd to be exact, according to my notes. I have a feeling it isn't going to be as good as the 2008 version, but I shall keep an open mind...
-Yerba Mate Chai Spice Mate with honey, splash of vanilla Italian syrup, and vanilla coconut milk - so wonderful.
-Vgë Café in Bryn Mawr. I've been there twice and I'm going again on Sunday and I can't wait. Everything on their menu makes me drool.
-donating clothes and household items and passing things I no longer need to those that will accept it with love
-finding out that my nephew Johnny wants to start hanging out. He's fifteen and I always assume that teenage boys want nothing to do with me because I'm weird and goofy and not the least bit hip or cool. This clearly goes back to the fact that I was a complete loser all throughout grade school and high school. The teenage girl that still resides in me, in the very back of the class, is super thrilled that she's gonna hang out with one of the coolest boys alive. Some people think that I'm a tad deranged and disturbed to always be spending my time with kids, but my nieces and nephews are so easy to be around and there's no pretension with any of them. Plus, most of them genuinely like spending time with me. It doesn't get much better than having eight kids ranging in ages from 22 to 10 beg to hang out with you.
-the extreme cold temperatures this past week. Living in a home without working heat and depending on space heaters and lots of blankets to survive makes me thankful that I have four walls and a roof over my head. The cold always reminds me of how much I have to be truly grateful for.
-going paperless with all of my bills! Why have I waited so long to do this??
-Vera Wang's Princess line of sweaters at Kohl's. They are crazy warm and super cute.
-and lastly (for now) I love this stinkin' blog because even though no one really reads it, it acts as a personal scrapbook of my life and I really love looking back at old posts and remembering all the fun I'm having in my silly, little life!

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