Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Farewell to 2014

2014 was pretty freakin' fantastic. The best though? Definitely discovering Antwerp, which Michel now refers to as "your second home." I'm already super excited about returning for the third time. So here is a recap of my year...

·Sean and Ashlee get hitched!
·See Ireland and London and Belgium with Ashlee.
·We lose our little Livi Livi Liv bug and the world grows a little sadder.
 ·California with my lil brother!
·Marina comes back home with Mateo and soon to follow was primo Mario!
·Kay and Syd start high school!
(1st photo: Kayla is the lovely lady in blue - 2nd photo: Syd is the cutie patootie in the middle)

·My first adventure all on my own.
·Finally see Fallingwater in person after so many years of seeing it only in photographs. It was spectacular.
·Reconnect with Kristin! I love Instagram because it allows me to keep in touch with Bryan and now, Kristin. Watching their lives unfold through photos every week or so makes me happy. I love them both and even though we are far apart and haven't seen eachother in years, I'm grateful that I am still connected to them both.
·Melissa gives birth to Paxton Joy.

·Ashlee and Sean expect their first child in July of 2015!!! (that's our lil' navy bean on the monitor!)

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