Friday, January 30, 2015

A Kind of Goodbye

Wednesday night after work I picked Ashlee up at Miranda's (and got a great big hug from lil' Miss Ava!) and brought her back to my place for our last sleepover ever. Ashlee hasn't yet realised how many things will change now that she and her husband are moving to Virginia and in August will become parents. Once Ash has a child, she's not gonna stay over at Auntie Star's to watch movies and pig out on pizza. On our last night together, we stayed up late, as usual, and talked about all the random things that cross our silly minds.

Thursday at 4pm, we left for the airport to pick up Sean. Ya know, the more time I spend with my newest nephew, the more I learn to love him. He's so well mannered and funny and easy to talk to. The car ride from PHL to Sean's house was non-stop laughter and giggles. Once I arrived home I found that Ashlee "accidentally" left her purse in my backseat, so tonight I get to drive back across the bridge to return it and score more hugs from my favourite couple!

(The glare on the pic of Sean and Ashlee is because it was too frickin' cold to stand outside while Sean smoked so I took the pic from inside.)
(Since I last saw Sean, he got this tattoo since his wedding band was MIA. I think it's fantastic.)

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