Friday, January 9, 2015

At Chez Rodriguez

Last night after work I dashed down to Marina's. Since moving back to the States from Colombia, Marina has been kind of overwhelmed with everything and we haven't had much time together. We are hoping to change that and make a point of seeing eachother at least once a month.

The highlight was seeing my favourite little man. He's so sweet and loving; always giving smooches and giggling. We ran around and played for an hour or so and then, on his way to bed, Teo gave me hugs and kisses and said, "I loe you, An Litha." Oh my goodness, is anything cuter than that? Marina said that he calls everyone Litha, so apparently I possess Mateo's favourite name.


Then Marina and I had a chance to chat and just be together, like the old days. She mentioned having to register online and set up accounts for so many things (credit cards, banking, gas company...) and the frustration that comes with creating IDs and passwords. Then I remembered the funniest Dilbert comic ever.
"Oh my," Marina said, "Her hair looks like Chichen Itza." Crikey! It totally does!!

The discussion then turned to call centers and automated phone systems. I've worked for a call center, and I know how frustrating it is for customers. We both agree that any company that would do away with their automated system and instead just place the customer on hold until they are able to reach a live human being, would therefore be deemed as the ultimate in customer service. They would have the most loyal following that no one would ever dream of looking elsewhere. Sadly, even though companies claim that customer service is their number one priority, it isn't. Their bottom line is, and that kinda sucks. What doesn't suck is how unbelievably awesome my family is - I can't wait til we see eachother again!

(sorry for the mini-rant on customer service!)

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