Monday, January 5, 2015

Out with Bella

This Saturday was my last chance to show Bella the house on Silverside in Delaware that is super crazy fun at Christmas with tons and tons of lights. When I arrived to pick her up we goofed around with her Fuf chair and generally acted like the nutcases that we are. Before leaving I got a chance to chat with Mama Jenny and give Logan a barrel of hugs. First stop was to Panera for salad and sandwiches - always delicious! Following Panera we stopped for vegan goodies at Whole Foods then made a pit stop at Old Navy to peepod and take silly pictures. After that we were off to Silverside! It was a lil' rainy and there were only a few people milling about the property, so Bella and I could take more pictures and selfies. It was such a great day because Bell is such a marvelous and enthusiastic conversationalist and being with her is just wonderful. In December we wanna try to get a gang of us to visit the house (and make a donation to their light bill) and hopefully have the kids sit with Santa. Yes, this house has a Santa and his hours are even posted. It's a god damn winter wonderland and I absolutely love it!


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