Sunday, January 18, 2015

26th March 2014 - Wednesday

Another entry from one of my travel journals. This time I'm in London with Ashlee.

Up at 7:30ish - lay in bed - up at 9ish - eat PB&J w/crisps - do m'hair - wake up Ashlee at 9:45 - Ash gets dressed, straightens her hair & goes out for a smoke - head out to the West Kensington tube stop by noonish (Warwick then right onto West Cromwell and left on North End Road)

get off at Westminster - see the London Eye, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey - get postcards at Westminster Abbey gift shop to avoid the rain and hail - take pix of the Abbey 
see protestors "Get the Tories Out!" "Gove Out!" on Storey's Gate
walk Horse Guards Road - check out St. James' Park - see Horse Guards Parade Ground - peepod at the Park loos (they are so clean!! you'd never see a loo like this in Central Park.)
walk down The Mall to the Queen Victoria Monument & Buckingham Palace
 Ash gets a photo of a foot guard in blue at St. James' Palace/Clarence House - downpour - stop at a lil' cafe for h2o, coffee, muffin for Ash and for me a lil' flaky crust sweet triangle with caramel and chocolate - hide under cover by the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art) - take The Mall down to Cockspur then Pall Mall to Haymarket to Coventry and finally, although we are wet from the knee down, we reach Charing Cross Road. (see an advert with Bradley Cooper hawking Häagen-Dazs ice cream!!)
Go to Trafalgar Square and back to the Westminster tube. On the way a young-ish 30-something man next to me had his backpack Timothy Hutton style and I saw his front pouch was open. I didn't wanna say anything but saw that he had a fleece jacket w/the London Underground symbol, so I figure he's a local. 
"Sir, your bag is unzipped and it's making me crazy, I have to close it." (I say as I take the liberty of zipping his bag closed whether he wanted me to or not) 
"Oh, I'm sorry." 
"I just don't want anything to fall out." 
"Cheers, darlin'" 
"I got your back." 
"Quite litrahlee." 
So nice!!! hop on the tube and off at West Ken - walk back to 154 - smoke - in to change and get warm - make my Quorn and Ashlee's mac and cheese with bacon 
watch some of Man vs. Food in Puerto Rico then Storage Hunters - Top Gear - Antique Roadshow UK w/Mark something and Mark Stacey - some random doc show about sheep and lambing in Scotland - we see baby lambs being born! - relax - FaceTime with Xavier & Jax after Top Gear - smoke - chat again and watch the lamb show - smoke - WIA with Lord Grantham/Hugh Bonneville and Rev Applebee-Thornton/Jason Watkins but switch to First Dates (UK Blind Date series) then massage shldrs and then feet when an ep of Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps is on - bed at 11:45pm

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