Saturday, October 11, 2014

Random Prom Pix

I have so many photos stashed away in albums and shoeboxes that never see the light of day. Prom photos are so "of the moment" that framing them and displaying them seems passé within weeks of their hanging. So....I have decided to scan 'em for y'all to view. I think the best era for Prom photos has to be the late 1980s and early 1990s. Oh the hair...the gowns...everything was so huge and outrageous. But fun! The best dress goes to my cousin Alina who brought the house down in stunning black and white and the best dressed fella has to be my Uncle Al. His jacket is perfection. Best hair goes to Nicole - she looks like a model for Italian Vogue.

Go ahead and scroll through and decide for yourself who you would nominate as King and Queen of the Prom.

Marina and Andreas - 2001 Junior Prom
Jenny and the dipshit she was dating that I clearly did not like.
Uncle Alan!! Love the light blue jacket. Very dapper.
Rachel before the Senior Prom in '94.
Xavier and Giselle - 2002 Senior Prom
Mikey and Miranda - Junior Prom 2008
My cousin Pamela at her Junior Prom in 1990
Nicole before her Senior Prom in 2010
Kelley and some jackass - May 11, 1992
My father
Matt and Donna 1990
Michele (seated in the center) 1991. My god, the hair!
Rachel and Winnie - Senior Prom June 4, 1994
Will Gaymon - Senior Prom 2004
Jenn and Jason - Senior Prom 1994
Ashlee - 2008
Barb Dillenschneider & Keith Barber - Senior Prom 1994
Mum and John - Senior Prom 1970
Alina and Shane - 2011
Danny Garro - Senior Prom May 2001
Lori and Sean Mayo - Senior Prom 1994
Autumn and Scott - Senior Prom
(the only pix I took were Rachel, Xave & Giselle, and Nicole)

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