Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Daydream Believer

On my way home from the market the other night, I drove past a tiny strip mall and saw that every shop there was empty. Each store was up for lease. That's when I started daydreaming about what I would do with that space if I had all the money in the world. I immediately knew that I would turn it into The Female Center of East Utopia (clearly I'm not tellin' y'all where I really live). It would be such a wonderful opportunity to bring the females in the community together. I wouldn't want it to strictly be for women or teenage girls, but a place that anyone in the community can turn to when in need of advice, help, guidance, or support regarding female issues. Somewhere you can come and know that you will be welcomed and assisted with whatever your need may be. I could visualise the flyers and pamphlets that we would pass out, announcing the center.

Taking your first trip to the gynecologist or getting a mammogram and feeling scared and nervous? We can provide you with tons of information and even partner you up with someone who will go with you and keep you calm, cool, and totally at ease!

Having issues with the changes your body may be going through as a teen or pretty much any other time in life? Come on down! We will educate you and help you breathe a sigh of relief that all these changes are totally okay!

Are you pregnant and have no other female friends with kids and feel under-educated and overwhelmed? Relax, we got your back!  Stop in for our group meeting with other moms in the area who have the same concerns about parenting that you may have.

Having problems with your diet (be that carnivore, vegetarian, vegan, or specific diets with restrictions such as gluten-free), as well as your general health? We can direct you to a nutritionist who will get you on track and we will even connect you with a support team. We can also recommend female friendly gyms and workout centers or get you in touch with women in your area that like to take walks, ride bikes, or play various sports. Good health is yours for the taking!

It may say Female on the building, but our door is open to anyone seeking more information on females. If you are a dude raising a daughter and need some guidance, or even just to learn how to braid a fidgety six year old's hair for school - we can help! 

I see the FCEU as a safe haven for females in abusive relationships, regardless the female's age or who that abuser may be. A place that can offer literature on other females in all careers, be it politics, music, the arts, activism, or humanitarianism, thus giving females of all ages an opportunity to learn more about the other ladies in the world that are making a difference. I envision the FCEU as a place to pick up life skills such as how to knit, sew, cook, change a tire, paint a bedroom, create a budget, and so much more that will foster independence. The center could suggest female friendly shops that use positive ads for happy and healthy ladies. This would encourage people to spend their money wisely on companies that protect and inspire females, rather than tear apart their self esteem and turn them into objects. The FCEU would offer self defense courses for all ages so that the females in the community will have the confidence to take care of themselves in any threatening situation.

If it is something that affects a female, I want this place to act as a sanctuary where people, not just women, but people can come and get help or guidance and know that there is somewhere safe to be. The center would be a place where those suffering with drug and alcohol addiction or dependency, anger management, eating disorders, or even mental health issues can come and find help without judgement. Not everyone has a happy home life. Not everyone knows what they are supposed to do with their lives or even how to behave in certain situations. I want this to be a place where females as well as males can come to ask questions and feel zero anxiety about doing so. I dream that FCEU is a center where discussions can be had, meetings can be held, and the females in the community can become more involved and help other females around the world, be it through volunteer work, financially, or just gaining knowledge about how other females live and then impart that knowledge to others.

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