Friday, October 31, 2014

Fave Halloween Flicks

The Exorcist - Before I ever saw this film, I knew of it from my father. He told me that his younger brother Alan would wake up with nightmares after seeing it. And Alan was a Green Beret in Vietnam. Then I saw the movie and was equally as terrified.

The Changeling - When I was eighteen I saw this with friends and it began my love of scary movies. The ending was a tad weak, but the rest of the film is fantastic. That scene in the beginning where George C. Scott is in the phone booth still gives me the chills.

Dawn of the Dead - Star's first zombie movie! Pax showed me this brilliant George Romero film first and then later I caught up on the rest of his filmography. This one is still my favourite.

Halloween H20 - I actually saw this Halloween before the original. It was one Sunday in October back when a group of us would meet up at Bishop and Pax's. The first Halloween is awesome, but this one from 1998 holds up pretty well, in my opinion.

The Thing - Kurt Russell in a beard. That's all I needed to know in order to check out this John Carpenter classic. Fantastic cast and so great to watch on the coldest of winter nights.

Poltergeist - This movie still scares the crap outta me. That crazy tree outside Robbie's window? That demonic clown (we used to have a similar one with long ass arms), and the swimming pool filled with skeletons - scare-ee! When I watch this movie, I still can't sleep unless there's a light on.

The Shining - It's Stanley Kubrick and Jack Nicholson with Shelley Duvall in a huge, empty hotel in the middle of nowhere. Doesn't get much creepier. Those twin girls and that decomposing dead chick don't make it any less so.

Alien/Aliens - I love both of these films equally and although they are more Sci-Fi than horror, they are still scary as hell.

Psycho - That scene in the basement is so freakin' disturbing. Just the way Tony Perkins entered the room and the look in his eye was beyond frightening.

Final Destination - Awesome premise for a scary movie and still fun to watch!

So there ya have it, my top ten for best scary movies. Although, honestly, the scariest movie I ever saw was Frances with Jessica Lange. Her mother was terrifying and the scenes with Frances in the institution are nightmarish to say the least.

(photos kidnapped from: The Exorcist c/o impawards - The Changeling c/o linusloves80horror - Dawn of the Dead c/o nerdist - Halloween H20 c/o trickortreatstudios - The Thing c/o mototimer - Poltergeist c/o posterbobs - The Shining c/o adamrabalais - Alien c/o centennialgdm - Psycho c/o themoviewaffler - Final Destination c/o moviepostersale)

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