Thursday, October 16, 2014

Laverne Cox

Last year when I watched season one of Orange is the New Black, I had a very strong initial opinion about the character of Sophia. As soon as she came on screen I said, out loud and to myself, "Please. They cast some tall gal and think we are all a bunch of idiots that will just go along with this and think, 'Oh sure, that lady clearly used to be a man. She's so tall.' Whatever." I was seriously irate and thought, "Like there are no transgendered actors in the world? You have to cast a girl? This is just how all gay men in movies seem to only be played by straight guys. Annoying!"

Then, reluctantly, I set aside my prejudice and really learned to love the character of Sophia. I looked Laverne up online to see where she was from and what else she had done and then...oh. She is transgendered. Oops. My hostility left me with the proverbial egg all over my face. But I gotta say, I love seeing this lady represent and I think she is just absolutely divine. Sorry for the initial hatred, honey, I didn't mean it.

(photo kidnapped from huffingtonpost)

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