Thursday, October 30, 2014

I Heart Guts

I had stumbled across this shop about eight or nine years ago and immediately loved it. I have turned to I Heart Guts for unique gifts for my ill loved ones and each time the recipient reacted with shock and laughter. Here are the Guts and Glands that I've purchased over the years.

Obviously, my first purchase was a packet of stickers for me!
My cousin had to have her thyroid and parathyroid glands removed, and these pins left her perplexed and then very touched.
One of my favourite people had to have their testicle removed and this cute-as-can-be look-a-like gland became a new edition to his stuffed pals.
When Olivia's heart was getting weaker and weaker, I mailed her this one and told her in a note, "Since your heart sucks, here's one that's super fit and cute as hell, so hug it tight and repeat the words: My heart is healthy, my heart is strong, my heart is awesome!"
And for the best dentist in the universe and my all-time favourite hygienist, I had to get them each their own bad ass lapel pin!
A friend who underwent a mastectomy just had to have this adorable mammary gland pin!
Sadly, a close family friend is having her bladder removed (fuck you, cancer, i hope you vanish without a trace from this earth real soon because we are all SO over you) and so last week I went right to I Heart Guts and ordered her a way cuter version than the bladder she currently has - hope it brings a smile to her sweet face and maybe makes all this hellish crap a little easier to handle.

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