Thursday, October 23, 2014

From a Dusty Dream

I'm not sure how I stumbled upon this, but wow. Pretty incredible. The story goes that a Parisian woman, Madame de Florian, left the apartment during World War II but continued to pay the rent until her death in 2010. Her home was left completely untouched since the day she fled Paris. I love the photo of the dressing table and especially the reflection of the peeling wallpaper in the enormous wall mirror. I'd kill for a swatch of that paper.

(photos kidnapped from boredlion - not to be unkind, but this website was one of the worst ever - it was overloaded with god awful adverts. also, i believe these photographs are Getty property, as stated on twistedsifter)


Cerpts said...

Absolutely Spectacular!!!

Star said...

Isn't it though? I almost couldn't believe it; such a unique and fabulous story.