Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Tuesday Afternoon

Out of bed just before noon, a quick shower and then off to the city centre for errands. First stop was An Post to deliver a package of thirty postcards to my boss. She will then pass them out to all my fab co-workers, hopefully to reach them before my return. Then some New Year's Eve cards and more postcards, which were stamped and tossed in the Outside Dublin bin. While stickering my stamps onto the envelopes, a lovely little choir, from pretty much out of nowhere, appeared and performed Winter Wonderland and White Christmas. They were, in a word, outstanding. Not sure what they were doing in the middle of the post office but whatevs. It was a seasonal delight!

Next was Harlequin to donate a couple dresses then Blazing Salads - where I got  recognised!! The gal who rang me up remembered me. She demanded that I start using a loyalty card since I'm there enough and deserve the free treat after getting ten items. I went whole hog and ordered a slew of vegan desserts, all of which were delicioso! 

Hunger was setting in and I made my way home to SLP. Along the way I felt brave enough to snap a few pix of the bikes on Exchequer...

...The Stag's Head, my fave pub in Dublin...

...some groovy street art...

...and the Ha'Penny Bridge, with a lovely bright sky in the background. 

Before hopping into my p-jams and calling it a night, I popped down to Spar for some crisps and 7up. On the way back I noticed lil' paw prints in the cement. Who's cuter...Star's mis-matched Punky Brewster-esque Converse All Star's or some random pupper's paws???

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