Monday, December 26, 2016

Dublin's Finest

Flying home on Boxing Day/St. Stephen's Day means that I'll be taking a taxi to the airport. I absolutely adore Dublin cabbies. I ride shotgun and they gab with me like we were old pals. It doesn't feel forced or like they are singing for their supper. It feels sincere. When I call for a cab I use Express Taxi and they have the best of the best.

My first cabbie in Ireland was Robert O'Sullivan back on September 3rd of last year. My journal entry lists him as effervescent and wonderful and when he delivered me to the Mountjoy Square apartment he left me with a hug and a smooch on the cheek plus a wish for a lovely stay. He really was a gem of a man and started my admiration and love of Dublin taxi drivers. A handful of days later on September 10th I took a 5AM cab to the airport for a day trip to Antwerp. My Express Taxi driver was Joseph Hanway, a man sweeter than cotton candy. Conversation was effortless and the laughs were plenty. A few months later, he was the one to pull up outside SLP to take my brother and me to the airport. Mr. Hanway was funny and kind and genuine and gave me a great big hug and lots of well wishes for my brother's new baby when we reached the terminal.

So this year I made up a very silly little care package gift for my driver. I'm hoping they think it's fun and not ridiculous, but if I know Dublin cabbies as well as I like to think, they will be overwhelmed at the silliness bestowed upon them by an odd gal from Philly. I included a Philly shot glass and magnet, box of chocolates from Antwerp, Mike & Ike's and Goldenberg's (Philly faves!), Irish Accent Breath Spray, and a special mix cd for the season!

Winter Mix

Justin Hayward & John Lodge - Nights Winters Years
Ahmad Jamal - Snowfall
Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal
Mumford & Sons - Winter Winds
George Winston - Night, Pt. 1: Snow
Bill Purcell - Our Winter Love
Kate Bush - December Will Be Magic Again
Scott Walker - Winter Night
Jane Monheit - Moonlight in Vermont
Ella Fitzgerald - Winter Wonderland
Rosemary Clooney - Snow
Barbra Streisand - My Favorite Things
Vince Guaraldi Trio - Greensleeves
Elvis Costello - I Felt The Chill Before the Winter Came
She & Him - Sleigh Ride
Richard Burton - Frost at Midnight
Tom Waits - Nirvana

(ps - I sure hope Mr. O'Leary enjoyed everything!!)

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