Saturday, December 10, 2016

Christmas in Ireland

Tonight I leave for Dublin where I will once again be staying at the little cottage on St. Laurence Place for fifteen fabulous days. I have a laundry list of things to see and am looking forward to spending Christmas in Dublin. I fly home Boxing Day and am so hoping that the plane is mostly empty, but I fear it will be jam packed.

People always ask why I continue to return to a place I've been so many times before. I like the comfort of knowing the streets (the good parts and dodgy parts), that I can wander the city without a map and get around as though I were a Dubliner. I like staying at the same place because I know the neighbourhood and I know the place will be clean as can be and the host will be kind and welcoming. I like being away from home while at the same time feeling very much at home.

Oh, and no trip would be complete without a side jaunt to Antwerp (Michel and I are so excited to see one another again!! I'm gonna try to convince him to get a selfie together!) Oh, and of course I had lovely Miss Helen Coldwell create one of her incredible travel journals. I'm gonna try to make the next two weeks the best yet; to be adventurous and daring and see new things. I'll be sure to keep youse posted!

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