Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Rainy Staycation Day

Today's forecast was nonstop rain, so I decided to sleep as late as I wanted and stay in all day.

However, I plan to be productive! There will be reading - cheesy romance (featuring my all time fave silly cover!), lovely seductive poetry, philosophy, and a few other gems, some writing - I have two stories that I MUST complete before returning home, and lastly I've been working yet another scarf, which I intend to finish by tomorrow.

Later this evening, should time allow, (and after an ep or two of Bondi Rescue, featuring those beautiful Aussie lifeguards!!) I will catch up on Vikings season 4 plus Belgian TV and if there's time, some good ole Micky Flanagan! All while doing laundry and stuffing my gob with Blazing Salads yumminess!

Then I will return to my favourite place in the house!!
(Going back and reading this post I suddenly realise how sad and pathetic this post is, but seriously, today is a totally stress-free day and I need as many of those as I can score!!)

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