Sunday, December 11, 2016

Another Travel Pal!

The flight to Dublin was nearly flawless; I read some, listened to a bit of an audio book, scored a disco nap (as Bishop calls them) and upon landing got to chat with Ruben, my seat mate.

This fella left Mexico Friday night at 11pm, took two flights to Miami, connected in Philly then finally reached Dublin, with me, at 8am Sunday. After grabbing our bags (the airline totally destroyed his. The two front wheels were console rely gone!) I walked him to the buses, scored a selfie then caught a taxi to St. Laurence Place. My driver, Michael Ward, was super awesome. Non stop chit chat the whole way. We arrived in under twenty minutes, I got the key from the lockbox, walked in and said, "I made it!! I'm in Dublin!" to a silent - blissfully silent - house. Let the holiday relaxation and fun begin!

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