Friday, December 2, 2016

Messages from Livi Livi Liv Bug

I'm not a religious or spiritual person and I'm not necessarily a believer in signs, but I do love them. A day or so ago I was on etsy and came across a necklace of a butterfly that said Olivia. My cousin Livi died a couple years ago and her immediate family thinks of her when they see a butterfly. It's just a thing they do and it makes them feel like Olivia is watching over them. I thought it was kinda cool to see a butterfly necklace with her name and so I texted it to Marina, Olivia's sister. Now I seriously doubt that Livi is out there in the universe planting her name in odd places for us to find, but it made me feel good to be reminded of her cuteness. Her Facebook posts were the stuff of legend. My brother told me that during Hurricane Sandy she posted something and called her - the hurricane - a bitch. Then Livi liked her own post and commented "I hate you, Sandy." But our favourite favourite post was several Christmases ago when she proudly stated "finished raping my Christmas presents!" Spelling and Livi were rarely seen together and therein lies the hilarity of many of her posts. I miss her.

Follow up - a few days later I got this text from Marina:

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