Sunday, November 27, 2016

Selfie Saturday with Bella

Had such fun yesterday with Lady Miss Bella! We went to Gold Million Records to donate some albums, then to Sweet Freedom for yum yum treats and finally hoofed it to MOM's Organic Market for some Naked Lunch. Oh my God!! - the cauliflower steak was to die for! Anyway, in between stuffing our faces we discussed human anatomy, The Gift of Fear (I gave Bella her copy), Edinburgh, Dublin, boys - good guys vs. rats, choosing the right college (Boston University is holding the number one spot with NYU following a close second), and the difficulty of remaining true to yourself amidst the unseen pressures of society and especially friends. We even did a retake selfie in Old Navy like the one from January 2015. Bella and I pretty much can't stop daydreaming of our trip in April and I know we are gonna get along so well. Although Bella sucks at directions, which frightens me since she's supposed to be navigator when we drive to Wicklow...

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