Monday, November 7, 2016

Saturday Errands

I do so love to make lists and even more than that, I love the overwhelming feeling of accomplishment when I ssshhhhhrrrt the pen across a task or a to-do knowing that it is done.

Saturday, I decided to forego sleeping late and went to vote early. Yeah, I went to the wrong mother-effing building and wandered around for 35 minutes until the lovely gent upstairs took a close look at my voters form and pointed out that early voting is three towns away. I wanted to cry. I felt like such a friggin' idiot, and I said so. To which this fab fella replied, "No you aren't. You're a good citizen, miss." I nearly skipped to my car. Do people realise that simple compliments can completely change a person's entire day and their outlook on life? I doubt it. Anyway, I went and voted, which took less than ten minutes total, then I dashed to the bank to trade in 1900 bucks for £200 and a little more than 1400 Euros. Check one and check two - completed!

Next up was to pick Jackson up at about noon and squeeze in a quick discussion with Sydney and give her a copy of The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker. I was greeted in the drive by Zach, now almost as tall as me and so not the lil' four year old that I used to smother with kisses. He's not a little cutie patootie anymore, now he's a super handsome teenager with the best smile ever. Syd was home and she and I talked and I think she's really going to read The Gift of Fear and pass along some of the info to the young girls group that she volunteers at. Syd and Zach are always so busy, but it was nice to get just a few minutes alone with each of them. I love them both like crazy!

Then I tossed Jax in the car and off we went. So many parents say they get so much more done without kids, but for me, having Jackson totally helped me get all my errands done for the day. He was a HUGE help. He helped me pick out paint samples for my place and found the perfect navy blue, slate grey, and whites. Then we hit AC Moore to get yarn (as if i need more) for winter-time scarves. I also needed help selecting new eyeglasses and he was oodles of help! He was so honest that it was refreshing. I told him I wanted glasses that didn't show my dark under-eyes and he said things like, "I can still see all of your eyes and stuff," "those are too big," "they look like the ones you already have," "i don't like those," and when he liked the Kate Spade glasses he gave me a simple thumbs up. Then for funsies, Jax tried on some kids specs and damn it, he looked awesome in every pair. 

Next up was the library to grab a copy of The Hateful Eight from the hold shelf and as a reward we made a pit stop at Sweet Freedom Bakery in Cwood for cookies and cupcakes!

Then we arrived back home at 4ish for our silly selfies. I've met my match in Jackson as far as taking fun and goofy pictures. It's super fun to hang out with this kid and I'm already excited about late November when I can kidnap his behind one night and take him to Wilmington to check out the house on Silverside. Oh my goodness, he is gonna freak out

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