Thursday, November 24, 2016


Today I'm thankful for these two super rad ladies being part of my life:

I'm so excited about how close Bella and I have gotten these past few years. I am certain that our travels in April will bring us even closer and continue throughout her future in college, then med school and all the days that follow. She's so opposite from me in so many ways, but we get along like gangbusters. I love that she texted me first today!

I feel most grateful for my relationship with Ashlee. Once all of my friends and family members got married and had children, they all turned their focus toward those things and suddenly I ranked very low on their list of importance. However, Ashlee has married, had Bailey, moved to Jville, takes care of the entire house and two pups, but she has somehow managed to have a life and keep me a part of it. We text nearly every day, usually nonsense, but aren't those the best texts? The ones that say, Wtf my ig logged me out and now it won't let me log back it or By the way, it was 70 yesterday. Today it's 45 degrees. How does that happen?!?!! We FaceTime as often as possible, even if only for a few minutes. We ask advice and give it with honesty. When I wanna tell her about a book I'm reading or a silly show I'm obsessed with, she listens. She pays attention. She doesn't pretend to care, she sincerely does. There's no one I feel closer to in my life.

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