Sunday, November 6, 2016


Marina told me about these period panties and I am blown the fug away. They are incredible and kinda life changing. When she first mentioned ordering period undies my heart sort of crumpled for her. I imagined this mega-hot-hot-hottie cousin of mine who is basically my sister and my other half, feeling reduced to wearing gi-wombous adult diapery underwear because her BC has her cycle all out of whack. But I was supportive and told her that it sounds like a great idea. In truth, the thought of her having to squeak around NYC wearing a friggin' diaper was just s-a-d, sad. Then she sent me a video of what the Thinx panties actually look like, followed by a snapshot of her sexy behind in the cheeky pair. Unbelievable - both how gorgeous her arse is and the fab product she discovered. I have been spreading the word to every female I know (who are currently menstruating - sorry all you post-menopausal and pre-menarch gals) about this revolutionary creation. Marina forwarded a link, which I clicked on to receive ten bucks off my first order and $50.10 later I have two pairs of seriously cute undies heading my way. Late November, get ready, cause I'll be testing out some period panties. Be sure to check back because I will more than likely do a follow up post on 'em after I give them a whirl.

(wait, does that gal actually have thighs like real women have??!)
(holy cannoli - do those ladies have stretch marks?? i am so in love with this company already!)

By the way, just to let you know how totally and completely rad Thinx is, they have super cute boyshort undies for transmen (or ladies that like boyshorts). I love, love, love how inclusive the world is slowly becoming toward the transgender community. It's not perfect and it may get worse if this lovely country of ours elects a hateful, hateful man as our leader. But for now, I am happy that progress is being made because every little bit counts towards equality for all. Oh, and the article they had on period sex was beyond fabulous. Taboo, schmaboo - period sex is bad ass and that's all there is to it.

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