Thursday, November 10, 2016

Things That Make Me Happy Right Now

It's been very, very difficult to feel happy about much of anything but here's my list:

- The fact that girls can now grow up knowing that they can run for President and be taken seriously. Oh, and win the popular vote and be wanted as a leader. 

- The high jinks of Jonathan and Jennifer Hart. 

- Earning oodles of overtime pay by working 62 hour weeks. 

- Escaping all my cares in less than a month and spending most of December, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, in beautiful, glorious, dog-poo-on-the-streets ridden Dublin!! With three days in Antwerp, my favourite city. 

- LaCroix sparkly water. Oh my goodness, this bev has replaced sodie-pop as my dinner drink of choice. Top five flavours are Melon Pomelo, Lemon, Peach-Pear, Mango, and Coconut!

- Spending time and getting to know Jackson as a person and not just as a cute kid to oooh and ahhh over. 

- Listening to the excitement in Bella's voice when we discuss our trip in April.

The Rockford Files because I love James Garner and his beautiful way of turning a phrase or cracking a smile. He makes me feel at ease. 

- Having wifi at my place and being able to FaceTime with Ashlee whenever we want!

- Le at work and how happy he makes me when his sweet lil' face pops up in the corner of my monitor in an instant message asking me to leave the phones and help out in OHD. I so miss the days when I never took calls and felt useful in my work. 

- Knowing that in February Cecilia flies in from Vegas for a handful of days and we shall finally meet! We talk via IM at work but have never met in person. She's become one of my favourite people of all time. 

- Michael Faudet's poetry

- Cheesey romance novels. They are the ideal escape from my hum drum life. I never, ever thought I would like pulp fiction or romance novels, or silly paperback mysteries, but it's so nice to crack open one of those books and just tune out all the garbage in my life. It's like reading Harry Potter. Those books were a wonderful refuge after 9.11 because nothing that occurred in those stories related to my life at all; therefore I could become completely absorbed with wandering the halls of a castle behind witches and wizards and never be taken out of that world by the mention of something real. 

- Ya know those microwaveable heating pad things, the ones filled with herbs and crap? They are my bestest best friend on cold nights. Throw it in, nuke it for two and a half minutes, dive under the covers with it and I feel like a girl in a Jane Austen novel where they put heated bricks under the blankets to keep warm. Delightful!

- Bea Arthur's spot on delivery of some of the best written quips and one-liners ever uttered in season one of Maude. Oh my gosh, it's so comforting to know that there's still laughter in this really, really dark future of ours. 

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