Saturday, May 6, 2017

Star's First Estate Sale

A friend and his sisters were having an estate sale after their parents needed to move into a nearby home. I'd never been to an estate sale, and while it didn't quite live up to my expectations I did still have fun. In my mind I envisioned that the house would be as if people still lived there and you could wander the entire home freely and snoop in drawers and closets and collect things to purchase and then pay in the foyer. It also was nice to see some familiar faces from the past that also stopped by to lend support and open their wallets a bit. I was too embarrassed to take oodles of pix, but I did snap a few and scored a killer deal on some random merch. I grabbed a holly glassware set for Mama Rose (that woman loves a good holiday glass!), plus cute Christmas-y salt and pepper shakers, and a Longaberger pitcher; then for me - a butter knife and salad fork (I love random flatware), a Longaberger bowl for holding apples, a pretty pin that belonged to Mrs. P. (the last photo below), as well as some of Theresa's old albums (Duran Duran, Janet Jackson, Wham!, and Pat Benatar). Best part of the search was discovering Mrs. P's Streisand album that Mike had moustached and goateed. Oh and he also enlisted her into the US Army. I betcha he had to stand in the corner for an entire day after his mother discovered what he'd done.

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