Monday, May 15, 2017


Lovely Helen Coldwell suggested trying this sodie-pop when I was in Scotland. In the fizzy drink aisle at Asda (the supermarket five minutes from the flat on Lindsay Road) Bella and I grabbed a couple bottles. When we got home I cracked it open and gave it a swig to wash down some salt and (not nearly enough) vinegar chips. It's a horrible thing to not be able to describe something. Irn-Bru (pronounced Iron Brew) was odd at first. The colour is a bit strong and you'd think it would taste like orange soda or maybe Stewart's Orange 'n Cream, but it doesn't. It's definitely soda and has great fizz, however the flavour is mild and utterly indescribable. I Googled "what does irn bru taste like" and people have said bubble gum while others say citrus, such as orange, lemon, and/or tangerine with yet even more people saying it's like cream soda. Helen's boyfriend says it tastes like pennies. Irn-Bru is good, for sure (not great) and it's definitely sweet, but I still love Root Beer most of all. Given the chance, I would absolutely try Irn-Bru again. It's fizzy fun times in a bottle.

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