Saturday, May 13, 2017

Saturday with Kay

Today Kayla and I took a mini road trip to fabulous Charm City!! Our first stop was to hit Atomic Books (of course) where I scored big time!

Then Hampden Junque, where we met shop owner Michal who was an utter gem, but more on him and the shop in a later post. I really wanted the picture above the Kool cigarettes sign, but my walls are already crammed with photos and artwork.

Next we headed over to the Visionary Arts Museum, which was beyond funky and fun. 

Yummy vegan lunch at Land of Kush:

(Our wraps got mixed up and half of mine was a fucking mess and I had no way of repacking it, which was annoying, but at least the one half that remained assembled was delicious, as was the baked mac and cheese. The collard greens were okay.)

And lastly we stopped at Whole Foods for dessert then back on the road home. Meeting and chatting with Michal at Hampden Junque was the highlight for both of us, but nothing could beat the drive there and back when we gabbed nonstop about everything and anything. (With some Bruno Mars and Johnny Mathis playing in the background.)

Here are the best selfies of the day:

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