Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Undateables

I discovered this show recently and have binge-watched episodes on YouTube. It's so good!! It's sweet and touching and sometimes I find myself busting out laughing at the turn of phrase of some of the cast and sometimes their bluntness. I howled with laughter when Michael (in season one, I think?) very matter-of-factly stated his wariness of online dating: "you never know what you are going to meet. It could be a sixty year old Nigerian sex killer." With his British accent, it was utterly endearing. Other faves have been Daniel (I love his fluffy curly hair!!), Mary (sassy to the core), Alex (his energy is contagious!), Ray (infectious laugh!), Brent (such a good guy), Kate (hair to die for and cute as can be), Tom (gotta love a fella with smile lines around the eyes...), Steve (what a sweetheart), and Shaine (the ultimate romantic). I especially like how the title sequence shows Cupid's arrow knocking the "Un" off of Undateables so as to make it The Dateables. I feel like people with disabilities or anything that marks someone as "different" are never, ever portrayed anywhere. This show shines a light on the fact that even though there are so many people in this world who are all so extremely different, that the one connection we all share is a need for love and to feel wanted. It's universal and binding and it's why I adore this show.







^Happily ever after for Challis and Brent!!^

^and for Vicky and Steve, too!!^

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