Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Marina's Fried Plantains!

I am posting this half-assed recipe because I fear I may lose it if I don't have it written down somewheres.

Start with very firm green plantains
Cut the skin and peel off with knife (note: it will be sticky! you may wanna wear gloves....)
Slice into 1" to 2" thick coins
In a pot of frying oil (vegetable oil) about 2 1/2"-3" deep add coins and make sure they are covered
Leave in oil until golden brown
Take out and lay on paper napkin until they are cool to the touch
Grab a clean Ziploc bag
Put warm coins in bag and put a towel on top of the bag
Squish with your palm into shape (we like patty shapes!)
If they fall apart they did not cook long enough so put 'em back in the oil
When flattened in the Ziploc bag, remove them and put them back in oil
Fry until golden brown
Remove when hot and wet with oil and add a bit of salt
Lay on paper towel to cool and remove excess oil
Then serve with a side of salsa and what the hell, some lentil soup!

(tostones made by Marina on May 28th, 2017)

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