Saturday, February 25, 2017

Lunchtime Gab-fest for Five

Today I finally got to meet Cecilia in person at Heart Beet Kitchen. Oh my gosh, she is a wonderful lady and so easy to talk to about anything and everything. A little after 1, Nat joined us, then Kim, and finally Kristin W. We ordered a shit-ton of food and talked until after 5pm, when a pending storm sent us dashing to our vehicles so as to get home safe. It was an unbelievably fantastic afternoon and we had a blast dishing the dirt about work, family, weirdly drawn-on eyebrows, incessant urination (Kimmy and I are peepod soulmates! She uses the loo as often as I!), beloved pups, "kids these days", Sweet Sixteen parties, and finally, we went a bit mental with the selfies. So glad that I stashed my anxiety about group gatherings in a box and hid it in the closet, because it was such a great time.

Kristin W. (my Wise work wife) - Nat L. - Cec!! - moi - and Kimmy SP!

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