Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Self Love/Self Appreciation

i love my...

-loud laugh, that only i get to hear
-excellent taste in music
-voice when i sing 
-choice in close friends
-eclectic taste in art
-bee-stung mouth - i'm loud and proud!
-open mind. it matches my open heart. 
-hands - they match my two bio-brothers'
-crazy hair
-pale irish flesh
-scars - they remind me of who i was and who i will become
-brooke shields eyebrows. they are fabulous even if no one else agrees. 
-straight and narrow nosey
-teeth - thank you for not rotting out of my head (too much candy!)
-lil' buddha belly
-innie belly button (boop.)
-blue blue eyes (step aside steve mcqueen!!)
-ears - they are functional and perfectly placed (in their slightly wonky-way)
-clavicle - it's super sexy
-connect-the-dot freckles
-brain. please continue to absorb tons of knowledge!!
-calves (nice gams, baby!)
-breasts. they're the perfect size (& look hot in those new candie's bras!!!)
-taste in men - it's random and unique 
-thighs - chubby or not, they take me where i need to and want to be. 
-sense of humour
-acceptance of others

i love the...

-way i write. it's beautiful.
-junk in my trunk!
-way i look w/glasses (i heart geeky frames!)
-way my hair smells
-way i dance
-pictures of me where i'm pulling a silly face

i love that i...

-am female
-have made it this far
-am vegan
-have a fashion sense that doesn't make any sense
-can still see the good in almost anything or anyone
-am always trying to be a better me
-take incredible photographs
-can throw a perfect spiral pass
-am easy to please
-am a good driver (a few mistakes, but so far smooth sailing)
-always make time for all of my friends
-am, at my core, a good person

i love that...

-no matter what i still have hope
-my inner child is alive and very, very well

i love me even if no one else can or will or does. 

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