Wednesday, April 27, 2016

One of Two Busts of Cardinal Scipione Borghese

Saw this at, you guessed it - The Borghese Gallery in Rome - and am still amazed at Bernini's detailed work. He is simply the best there ever was.


(I'm pretty sure this is the second version of the Two Busts of Cardinal Scipione Borghese)


Cerpts said...

Can't tell you how jealous I am and also once again how much of an inspiration you are to me by going to all these places and seeing all these wonderful discoveries! And for sharing them with a stay-at-home, stick-in-the-mud like me!

Star said...

Rome wasn't my favourite stop on my travels, but seeing Bernini up close was emotional and awe-inspiring. So worth staying at that humid apartment with loud neighbours and dealing with obnoxious cabbies. Bernini makes everything rotten fade into the background because when I think of Rome, I think of his artwork.