Saturday, April 9, 2016

Next Go Around...

I can think of no other time in my life that went by as quickly as these last three weeks. I am extremely disappointed that I once again was too afraid to rent a car and drive to Wicklow National Park. I kept thinking "What if I turn down the wrong side of the street and kill someone? What if I cause a terrible accident? What if I get lost?" and so on. Fear has a strangle hold on my life like nothing else.

It seems as soon as one trip is ending, I already start thinking of the next one. I need to get my finances in order and dig my way out of debt. If I really focus, I think I may be able to go back to Dublin in September for a little more than a week. If I do, then come hell or high water, I will go to Wicklow. It's too beautiful to pass up. Oh, and you can bet your arse I'll be staying at Barbara's again.

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