Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Wow. I mean, wow. Jeffrey Tambor. I have known him forever and remember him from Three's Company and The Ropers and also as the public defense attorney in ...And Justice for All. He was so good in that, wasn't he? I haven't seen it since high school, but I still remember when he has that scene where he breaks down because someone he got off went out and committed another crime. He was the stand out in that film.

I had heard that Transparent was really good and I have to be honest, I really checked it out because Pax said that Alexandra Billings from those Katie's Corner YouTube videos is in a few eps. I'm sorry, but that lady is hilarious. Anyway, I had my doubts as to whether or not Jeffrey Tambor could pull it off and not be over the top. I was afraid that he might act like a straight guy goofing off and pretending to be gay, ya know? Overly effeminate. Just acting instead of being real. Clearly, I know that Tambor is talented and could play this part, but I just so wanted him to get it right. Jesus. Did he ever. In the first episode when he is in the support group and promises that he will tell his children and raises his hand as if to swear to an invisible oath, he was so undeniably female in that moment. It kinda took my breath away. He doesn't change his mannerisms from when he is a man to when he is his female self, and that is what impressed me. Being transsexual (I imagine) isn't about acting or behaving like the other gender, it's finally being free to relax and be yourself. Jeffrey Tambor as Maura is authentic in every way and I'm so freakin' happy to see that the trans community is finally getting some representation.

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