Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Tony's Pizza

Ah...Tony's on Belgrade. As a child, when we would drive into the city to visit my grandparents, as soon as I saw the Tony's Pizza sign, I knew we were almost there. Almost to the three story row home with the hospital bed in the front parlour and the green and black square patterned carpet and the wallpaper that featured barns. We would be greeted by two slobbering hounds that terrified me. It was the barking and drool and that they might jump on me that really scared me. Brandy and Sheba were sweet dogs, but they were bigger than me. After getting past the dogs, I'd see all my cousins and we would always run down to the corner store for unbelievably cheap candy and huge ice cream cones. Tony's Pizza reminds me of a piece of my childhood that was like something out of a 1950s movie and I revisit those moments each time I see that bright yellow sign.



Cerpts said...

Wonderful evocation of childhood. I love reading these kind of reminiscences! And it's always a huge bonus when the things we remember from back then still exist! Bless Tony's yellow sign!!!!

Star said...

The family retired back to Italy, so I'm wondering if the new owners are following the old world recipe...I'll find out the next time I'm in the old neighbourhood!