Thursday, November 6, 2014

Letter from Bella

When my niece Isabella was about ten or so, we began writing letters back and forth. I think I started it off by sending a "Thanks for showing me your new bedroom!" postcard and Bella wrote me back. Prior to our letter writing we occasionally would text each other. Now the only texts are, "I just sent your letter" or "I'm out of stamps - but haven't forgotten that it's my turn to write back!" I don't see Bella as often as I'd like, but she's never far from my thoughts and opening my mailbox and seeing an envelope with her handwriting always makes me so freakin' happy. When Bella first started writing it was obvious that she had never corresponded with anyone outside of texting. Her letters would begin with: "That's so funny. LOL" or "I think that sounds good." and "What did she say?"(* see below) I managed to tell her that she needs to remind me of what I said in my letter when she goes to answer my questions, otherwise I am completely lost. This last letter I'll share with you, because it shows just how adorable this lady really is.

Hey Girl, Hey! ☺♥☺

You go on so many trips! That sounds so cool - going to Western PA to visit fallingwath I hope I can travel lots when I'm older. I hope to go to Italy and eat pizza. Scuba dive in the coral reef. Go to hawiia, etc. Honestly my bucket list is all traveling LOL.

Mini Coopers are so cute. I wouldn't mind having one ☺ Actually Any car is good for me now. I could get my permit soon but I need to buy a car first w/my own money - But the problem is I have $0000000 :(

So for Halloween me and a group of friends wanted to go to the state Pentitentry haunted house but mom said I can't go b/c its in West Philly = dangerous. I KNOW RIP my plans. Any ideas for me?

Weekend of thangsgiving sounds GREAT. can't wait.

Love ya xoxo

*an example from May of 2011:

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