Monday, November 10, 2014


On Saturday Nicole and I went to Baltimore to check out Atomic Books. It was so refreshing to go to an independent bookstore and not be met with a staff of hipsters who can't be bothered to say hello or even just be polite. Atomic Books was fantastic and the fellas at the counter were actually nice, plus I scored some fab new reads! I picked up Oliver Sacks Seeing Voices, Samuel Fuller Brainquake, Kevin Sherry The Yeti Files: Meet the Bigfeet, and a zine about alleyways. (Truth be told, I really can't wait to meet the Bigfeet. They are seriously cute.) After Atomic we stopped at Whole Foods, went for pizza at Two Boots, then drove around the city to take random photos. I'm really looking forward to going back to Baltimore in the springtime with Kayla and exploring the city more. I know she will absolutely love Atomic Books - it's my new favourite book shop.

(ain't my nicole the purtiest?!)

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Cerpts said...

That's excellent! I so hope the small, independent book shop will make a comeback.