Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving for One!

This Thanksgiving I am staying home. No stress, no family and no being surrounded by the smells of food I can't have and don't want. I plan on sleeping hella late (mission accomplished!), watching Miracle on 34th Street (the Dylan McDermott/Mara Wilson remake that is SO much better than the original. Richard Attenborough as St. Nick? Perfection.), and stuffing my piehole with yummy grub.

I am complete crap in the kitchen and can't cook worth a damn, but I'm gonna have boxed mashed potatoes (christ, that sounds depressing), vegan stuffing (hooray!!), cranberry sauce in a can (totally a throwback to my childhood), single-malt scotch (cuz I'm a bad-ass), hot cocoa (since my house is an ice box, this'll keep me warm), coconut milk egg nog (a seasonal must-have), and vegan pumpkin pie (for m'sweet tooth!). If I ruin the "dinner" portion of this meal, there's a back up plan - frozen pizza (ha!!), fries with veganaise, and lentil soup.

This is probably everyone's nightmare Thanksgiving, but for me, a dream come true. Hope y'all have a fantastically fabulous holiday! I know I will.

(ps - yesterday I sent Anne (my favourite Brit) an email which read: Just wanted to wish you and your family a very, very happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy basking in the holiday that celebrates the rape of the Native American's way of life by my people. All that aside, I wish you a sincerely fabulous day. Stuff your gobs til you burst! Anne responded, as only a well bred lady of Lincolnshire could, with: Thank you, and I wish you and your family the same. Let's keep on celebrating injustice :).)

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