Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday Afternoon with Bishop

Spent most of today with Bishop in Bryn Mawr, one of my all time fave places. We had lunch at Tiffin (Vgë was closed for the holiday weekend - boo-hiss) then walked down to Gold Million Records (formerly Plastic Fantastic) to snap yet another photo of the Debbie Harry pictures and score some fab vinyl. Next it was off to Showcase Comics, Peace a Pizza for a couple slices (and some yummy and refreshing New Hope Pennsylvania Red Birch Beer - so gooooood!!), and finally to browse at a local book shop. The day was that perfect cool autumn weather with a cloudy sky and was ideal for walking up and down Lancaster Ave. So much fun!!

(btw - I have never EVER been disappointed at Peace a Pizza. Regardless of the locations (Abington and Ardmore are now closed) I have always been charmed by the staff, the place is always clean, and the slices are divine!)

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