Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Rags

As an American, I have fallen into the teenage habit of overdoing the abbreves. Apologies to all that find it totes annoys while I on the other hand, love it! Anyway, Helen Coldwell is the reason I got into Vikings and I'm re-watching the series in preps for season 4's delivery from the UK later this month. Seeing as it's Inktober, I mentioned my Vikings marathon on IG and sly broad that I am, I tagged Helen and thanked her for the intro to the show. I added that I loved her sketch of Lagertha, since she and Ragnar are my fave characters. I did this knowing full well that Helen was planning to do a drawing a day for the month and hoped perhaps she'd consider one of Mr. Lothbrok. She did!! It's def Rags from season 1, before his beard really kicked into high gear, but didn't she do a great job? He could stand to look a little filthier though... Regardless, I absolutely love that lady to bits. To bits!

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