Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Best Halloween Party Costume Idea!

So for a while I've been thinking that the ideal group costumes for a Halloween party would be to go as the guests/suspects from Clue/Cluedo!! There are some characters, like Professor Plum and Colonel Mustard that are gender neutral and all the others could be any age or race. Miss Scarlett could be a charming spinster Aunt (like me!!) with flare and wit or she could be a sassy youngster. Mr. Green could be a hep black cat with all the stylin's and profilin's of a young jazz hipster or he could be a nerdy white suburban kid, pocket protector, flooded trousers and all! The possibilities for style and attire have no limitations and each person could be fun and inventive. Although, truth be told, each character should be required to dress formal-ish and look the part of a high class guest at a fabulous and fashionable soirée. In my dream world, I'm clearly Miss Scarlett and this is so what I would wear.

(The gown is by Naeem Khan from his Spring/Summer 2016 collection and the shoes, which I own, are from ModCloth. As for the rest, I'd rock out in vintage jewelry pieces from Nana Irma, my Alexander McQueen knockoff clutch, and I'd wear my hair in a crisp lil' pixie cut. Oh, and when it gets chilly, Mr. Green would totes loan me his suit jacket to throw over my shoulders.)

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